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Is DSR the "official" Republican Party in Dripping Springs?  

No. DSR is a group of politically engaged citizens who are connected by core conservative principles and live predominantly in the  Dripping Springs and north Hays County area; thus our motto, "Conservatives in the Texas Hill Country"  


Political parties in Texas are organized at the County level; the Hays County Republican Chair is elected by people who vote in the Republican primary elections.  The Precinct Chairs are also elected, and are responsible for getting out the vote in their neighborhoods, and conducting precinct conventions after the primary. The County Chair and Precinct Chairs make up the Executive Committee, which is the official apparatus of the Republican Party in Hays County.


DSR is affiliated with, and usually (but not always) aligns with, the Hays County Republican Party (HCRP). We are not a subsidiary of the HCRP and do not "report" to it.

If I join, will you sell or give my personal information to 3rd parties?  

Dripping Springs Republicans (DSR) does not share membership information with third parties apart from what is required by law.  DSR is a Texas General Purpose Action Committee (GPAC) and is obligated to report donations, which include membership dues to the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC).  The information required by the TEC includes: name, address, occupation, date of donation, and amount.        


Can I have access to your email list?

No.  See above.  At its inception, DSR (then known as “North Hays Republican Group”) established that its membership rolls and contact information would not be shared with third parties.  The DSR honors that commitment to privacy in deference to those members who joined under that original guarantee.


Will you endorse me?  How do I go about getting an endorsement from DSR? 

It depends!  DSR will not endorse or donate to any candidate in contested Republican primaries or other elections in which Republicans are competing against each other, nor endorse or donate to any non-Republican candidate in races in which there are one or more Republican candidates.  

Bottom line:  if you've won a Republican primary for a Texas state or local office, or if you are a conservative running in a local non-partisan race, please contact us at

By the way - this does not prevent any DSR member, board member, or officer from supporting whomever they want in any election as an individual. Such support does not imply the support or endorsement of DSR.

Will you invite your members to my event?  

We set up a Facebook page for this very purpose!  We encourage you to join Dripping Springs Conservative Community on Facebook and post your event there.  Posts will be temporarily held for moderation before being posted. 


DSR does occasionally forward event notices to our membership.  These are generally Hays County GOP sponsored events, but might include events from allied groups with whom we are familiar.  We encourage you to attend our meetings, join our online community, and see what you think of the group.  If we know you, we're more likely to support your event.  


I'm a Republican candidate! Can I speak to your group?

DSR customarily offers candidates and officeholders the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves at the beginning of our regular meetings.  We also have social time at the beginning and end of our meetings when most people visit and socialize.  Also, we frequently host candidate forums for local offices.  We encourage you as a candidate to attend our meetings to meet our members. 


I'm a Republican officeholder!  Can I speak to your group?

DSR has frequently invited officeholders to address our group (for example, to provide legislative updates or considerations on upcoming Propositions). This typically happens outside of primary season in the interest of fairness, especially in a contested primary.


Can I speak to your group about an important issue?

DSR is always happy to sponsor topics which are relevant and of interest to our members.  Please contact us if you feel you might have a topic to present that meets these minimum qualifiers.  The best way to learn what is 'relevant and of interest' to our members is to attend our next meeting!

Are there any other conservative groups or organizations in the area?

YES!  We are fortunate to have a wealth of active civic & political organizations in our area.  Listing them here doesn't mean we necessarily endorse or always agree with them, but check them out for yourself:

The Hays County Republican Party

Hays County Republican Women is active in Dripping Springs and also throughout the rest of Hays County.  


We the People is very active, usually meeting at One Shot Distillery.  Contact them directly to hear about upcoming events.


Wimberley Area Republicans - just a short drive down RR 12, the WAR group meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at the Wimberley VFW on Jacobs Well Road.


Wimberley Valley Conservatives,

CEEDS, or Citizens for Excellent Education in Dripping Springs is largely but not entirely concerned about property taxes in the Dripping Springs Independent School District.  

Friends of Dripping Springs Education - another perspective on education in Dripping Springs

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